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Kamala Harris Kisses Her Husband While Both Are Wearing Masks and having been Vaccinated

A video clip shows Vice President Kamala Harris kissing her husband while both are wearing masks, with both also having received the vaccination.

Totally normal.

The clip shows Harris saying goodbye to her husband as she boards a flight, but not before ‘kissing’ him through the fabric of their face coverings.

Despite CDC guidelines saying vaccinated people can stop wearing masks outside, Biden administration officials continue to do so, once again illustrating how the mask has become a political symbol.

Joe Biden was ridiculed for wearing a mask during a Zoom call with world leaders, although the president and the first lady didn’t feel the need to cover up while meeting 96-year-old Jimmy Carter and his elderly wife indoors.

Biden also embarrassed himself during a recent speech to supporters in Georgia when he had a near panic attack because he couldn’t find his mask.

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Last week, a man was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight because he didn’t wear his mask in between eating bites of food, which according to the TSA is now a federal mandate.

The insanity shows no sign of ending any time soon.

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