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Man Snatches Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, Claims He’s Sending to Lab for Testing

CVS workers were caught off-guard when a man grabbed and left with a vial of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine, claiming he was going to send it to a lab for testing.

In the video going viral on social media, the man visits a CVS store in an unknown town and asks if he can see a J&J vaccine box to read information, before quickly reaching inside the box and snatching the vial contained within.

“I will be taking my vaccine here guys,” the man says as he begins to leave the store. “We’re gonna go test this.”

“We’re gonna bring to the lab, I’m gonna investigate here,” the man wearing an “Investigators” t-shirt tells pharmacists, handing them his face mask in exchange as a “trade.”

“This is poisoning people,” he tells someone as he’s leaving.

The man inspects the vial and confirms it’s the J&J vaccine as gets back in his car.

“Alright, to the lab we go,” he says as the video ends.

The FDA and CDC officially recommended halting administration of the J&J vaccine on April 13, after over 6.8 million jabs had already been administered.

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The vaccine was blamed for at least 15 cases of rare blood clots and three deaths before the CDC advised to halt administration. All 15 cases involved women.

The CDC lifted its advisory on April 24.

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